Tree House


This tree house was built using a combination of reclaimed cedar decking and railing from another demolished house. Triangle trusses support the outer corners and act as outriggers to maintain the structural diaphragm. Mylar acts as both a wind break and vapor barrier. One open side allows parents to check occupancy easily. The two level stair give the excitement of a ladder with a little added safety. Future plans, the kids are a little older, include a pulley and bucket and a fire pole exit (repurposed galvanized fence pole).

2227 SW Troy St.


Our relationship with this owner started when they moved to town and became our tenants. After having been treated right as tenants, we were their first call when they were looking at buying and again when ready to remodel and expand. We have replaced five windows and added an air conditioner. We are now replacing another two windows, fixing a sticky front door and creating a new dining room out of a first floor bedroom.

The Multnomah Villager

Architecture, New Construction|

Designed to "fit the neighborhood", we borrowed architectural cues from traditional bungalows to adorn a modern, space-efficient, 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath floor plan. Maximizing usable space, minimizing cost by adapting to site constraints is our forte. With a 40' deep garage (4-car garage), this space can also be a traditional 2 car garage with a large shop.

The Hayhurst

Auxiliary Dwelling Units, New Construction|

The Hayhurst duplex in SW Portland was finished in 2010. It has a 1600 square foot single family on the left and a separate apartment with private entrance and garage on the right (an ADU). The Main Living Quarters has three bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms with its own large privately fenced back yard.

Portland Urban Living

New Construction|

This type of house is unique to Portland where density to preserve farmland and nature outside the city is highly valued. Yes, they look a bit odd, but they do grow on you! Inside are three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a powder, a laundry room. Outside is a fenced yard with enough room to play but not so much that you can’t get away for the weekend.

The Baird


This gardener's paradise is located in the charming Multnomah Village Neighborhood in southwest Portland. For this client, we removed the oil contaminated dirt and 675 gallon oil tank from the crawlspace under their house. (Think of this as removing a buried Subaru Outback from under the house.) Additionally, a new paint job brought this home back to life and allowed it harmoniously blend with the rest of the neighborhood.

SS Egret Interior Remodel


The owner of this home in Beaverton loved his neighborhood of 20 years, but his home was showing its age. He longed to build a contemporary home, but after many years of looking for a lot, he started to entertain ideas of remodeling. Jason Ball Interiors, LLC provided the initial design, color selection and acted as a sounding board for the owner's good taste.

Upscale Design


The owners of this country home were tired of the pervasive Craftsman influence. They wanted something “unique” for their five-acre property. This home’s architecture has a French Provincial influence while having a highly livable modern floor plan. Regularly entertaining 20+ guests, the kitchen’s double island/double sink configuration allows multiple cooks and ample room for the guests and the hosts to interact. The outdoor kitchen/dining is conveniently located adjacent to the main kitchen and the main dining. The result reflects the owners’ desire to balance luxury with affordability, utility with low maintenance.

Pineridge Project


We were originally called to the Pineridge Project to quote a gas fireplace installation in the master bedroom. In our first meeting the clients' main complaint was that the room was large and impersonal. We refused to give them a quote for the fireplace that they were considering. We knew right away that the gas fireplace would not give the desired results and the client would still be unhappy after spending quite a bit.

9th Ave. Rental


This rental property was in need of revitalization to attract a better clientele/higher rents. Upstairs we updated the flooring to include laminate and installed tile granite counters. Downstairs the two-bedroom one bath was completely renovated including a new bathroom and new kitchen (flooring, trim, cabinets, counters, doors and lighting). Vacancy would have added to the cost, so all work was finished in ten business days. Rents are up, vacancy is down!

Skinny houses – Portland’s houses on a diet

Construction, New Construction|

Portland style shotgun homes or skinny houses add density to Portland and limit sprawl. While Portland may have traffic jams, Portland traffic is still far better than what is seen these days in L.A. These skinny homes are part of the reason that we see Portland maintaining its svelte figure. They live large on the inside with minimal care on the outside, ideal for a busy modern lifestyle. Once inside, home owners see no difference between their homes and other homes on the block because all room sizes are standard. There are other advantages, too! With smaller lots, the monthly payment is lower.

Houseboat Window Replacement

Houseboat, Remodel|

We have a dedicated following among the owners at a few moorages who call us for all their needs: water-heaters, decks, window replacement, bathroom and kitchen remodeling, roof replacement, siding replacement, handyman services, and dry-rot repair. Working on a houseboat presents a unique set of challenges. It is not for the uninitiated or for the faint of heart. First, you cannot bring a level to work. A set of passing boats will have your work looking like an Escher drawing. Everything must be measured and remeasured to achieve square, level and plumb.​ ​ echers-reality First, you cannot bring a level to work. A set of passing boats will have your work looking like an Escher drawing Everything must be measured and remeasured to achieve square, level and plumb.

Houseboat Bathroom Renovation

Houseboat, Renovation|

​Our biggest challenge when working on any home is to have our new work seamlessly fit with the rest of the home. To this end on this project, we reused the cabinetry and trim to achieve the owner's goals: reconfigure a continental bath and closet for more effective use of space, replace sinks, counters, tub and flooring to freshen the bathroom, add two high windows to brighten while maintaining privacy....without it feeling out of place with the rest of her home.​

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