Do you know exactly what you want and you need a price? We take orders well and can get it done in record time. The 2 bedroom with new kitchen and bathroom, took only 10 business days from start to finish.

Bathroom Remodel

This is our second master bathroom remodel so far this summer and our fourth for 2019.

The average bathroom remodel costs between $8,000 and $15,000 depending on the scope. Our most expensive bathroom to date featured a floating walnut double vanity, heated floors, glass tile full-wall backsplash, a trench drain shower room surrounding a tub filled by a spout from the ceiling with teak accents.

The owners in this home were contemplating moving a wall to create space for a HUGE mud-set shower next to a Japanese ofuro.  An ofuro (or furo) is a Japanese style tub that is more vertical than horizontal, usually (but not always) made of wood. They are definitely a treat for the bather, tending to retain heat for longer and allowing the bather to immerse up to chin level. The ofuro tub itself tends to be a bit more expensive but the cost of the most expensive part (the tub filler) tends to skyrocket if floor-mounted.

When the cost for her ofuro and mud-set shower dream exceeded her budget, she opted for a major freshening instead, leaving her tub and shower in place. The major driving factors were the bathroom cabinet starting to fail and the desire to change from a unique texture and paint throughout her master bedroom and bathroom to something more modern. We removed and installed new casing and trim after skim-coating the previous texture. We installed new Coretec LVP flooring, then a new double vanity, replaced a broken door jamb.  

We have used Coretec and Coretec Plus a few times now.  Coretec is even easier to install and more luxurious than our previous favorite, LifeProof.  Coretec has a backing of cork which makes the feel a bit warmer. It is rated, like LifeProof, to go over other flooring.  Since the overall thickness of Coretec is greater, I recommend LifeProof for overlaying other flooring and Coretec for original installs or where the original flooring has been removed. LifeProof is readily available at Home Depot, comes mostly in the popular luxury vinyl planks (LVP). Coretec has a wide choice in planks, but also has some very handsome choices in LVT, luxury vinyl tile.

The cost for this was about half her desired budget limit so we are hoping to hear from her soon about her kitchen!

  • Bedroom Remodel - Before & After
  • Bedroom Remodel - Before & After
  • Bedroom Remodel - Before & After
  • Bathroom Remodel - Before & After
  • Bathroom Remodel - Before & After
  • Bathroom Remodel - Before & After
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Specializing in Houseboat Remodel and Repairs

Houseboat remodels have some unique requirements and Capital Builders is well versed in addressing these. We have established a dedicated following among the owners at a few moorages who call us for all their needs: water-heaters, decks, window replacement, bathroom and kitchen remodeling, roof replacement, siding replacement, handyman services, and dry-rot repair. We have even completely dismantled a houseboat by hand right down to the old-growth logs to dispose into a dropbox at the top of the moorage ramp.

Houseboat WalkwayIn addition to different requirements are different challenges including: working in close quarters, transporting materials long distances, gates, codes, and shuffling vehicles to keep the peace with neighbors.

A recent client called on us to redo a two-story deck that was abandoned by another contractor. Despite a few months of work, what was complete wasn’t looking so good. We were able to start right away and get the project back on track to our clients satisfaction.

A common mistake of some contractors is bringing a level to work on a houseboat. The primary tools are a string, a measuring tape and a square.  We have even been known to use sheets of plywood as very large squares when other tools fail us or have us a little confused. Everything must be measured and remeasured throughout the project.

Beyond the work itself, extra care with tools and materials is paramount. Most houseboat owners know that placing your tools flat, not perching them on the tops of ladders as you might on dry land is par for the course. Anything dropped will bounce once or twice before the splash.  The second common mistake is placing tools upright (longer distance to fall, bounce or slide) or close to an roof, deck or float edge. We take extra care here not only to keep our workers and clients safe, but to lower our overhead to keep our prices reasonable.

There is absolutely nothing better than the sound of the water lapping on the boats, working in the sun and the fresh air.

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Houseboat Repairs – Bathrooms and More

My first experience with houseboats was 25 years ago when my parents bought a framed shell of a house with windows and a metal roof on a concrete float.  Since helping them with their build-out, we have done numerous houseboat renovations and repairs from window replacement to standing seam roof installation to renovations of kitchens and bathroom to swim float resurfacing.  Last year, we even demolished a houseboat by hand (right down to the stringers) transporting it one board at a time to a drop box in the parking lot.  Yours probably isn’t that bad!

Are you being penny-wise and pound foolish? Houseboat owners are a frugal bunch and ver, but have you thought of everything to to spend your pennies wisely.

These are a few tricks to reducing remodeling costs on floating homes:

  1. Do you have a safe area to store tools and materials?
  2. Do you have access to a work platform or will your neighbors accommodate ladders?
  3. Do you require daily clean-up?
  4. Is your moorage open to construction work on Saturdays?
  5. Do you or your moorage have a cart to move tools and materials from the parking lot to your floating home?
  6. Is there a way to reduce the weight to avoid the need for extra buoyancy?

We are excited! Our next houseboat job (already scheduled) is to replace some vertical cedar siding on the South side of a two-story houseboat and frame and install three glass/aluminum garage doors in what once was a floating plane hanger!
One of the products that I think are most useful for houseboat owners is LockDry.  It is an extruded aluminum deck board with a built-in gutter.  It is the only product of its kind and results in a walkable, waterproof deck.  Our first installation was roughly 9 years ago with a few more since then.  No leaks with minimal maintenance is a match made in heaven!  The company literature says that their product is very forgiving during the installation process.  It is not unfortunately.  It is a great product that requires attention to detail and the supporting framing to be built or adjusted to tight tolerances.  What you have after that is many years of peace of mind!

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Bella Vista


Friends of ours contacted us requesting we inspect their siding. Their home had an older, smart panel (oriented-strand board with one finished side), siding product for approximately 30 years.  After inspecting the siding, we could see where it had failed around the meter main, due to lack of flashing and there were issues elsewhere: under certain trim boards, and at their deck ledger board.  Having already paid for some repairs last year we recommended not throwing good money after bad. They love the look of their house, so with a focus on longevity they decided to replace the smart panel product with with Hardipanel.

To start this renovation, we tore everything off the lower levels, fixing dry rot and wrapping the house from the ground up, which included calling the utility company to disconnect power, pulling the meter main off the house and putting it all back together.  The front flowerbed as dug up where dirt had piled up against the siding and we installed house wrap and aluminum (never rust) flashing.  We replaced a door jam, replaced the exterior lighting and then began installing the 50 lb panels.

The project took longer than expected due to complications matching the new material with the previously installed material, but you can see results in the images below.  The best part?  Our old friends are still our friends!

Bella Vista Photos Before Renovations

Bella Vista Photos After Renovations

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Storm Damage

​Damage and consequential damage from storms is no small thing. We do yard clean-ups, gutter replacement, roof repair, downed tree removal, and also do French drain installation and replacement all with your pocketbook in mind.  One client asked us over to price a French drain to intercept water from the neighbor’s yard.  After looking over the situation, we saved him over $3000 by making other recommendations.  His final bill was $200 and was done in an afternoon.​ Contact Capital Builders and get a quote for any water or storm damage you may have experienced this winter season.

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2227 SW Troy St.

2227 SW Troy St.Our relationship with this owner started when they moved to town and became our tenants. After having been treated right as tenants, we were their first call when they were looking at buying and again when ready to remodel and expand.

We have replaced five windows and added an air conditioner. We are now replacing another two windows, fixing a sticky front door and creating a new dining room out of a first floor bedroom.

The best part is the trust of the customer handing you their keys while they are away on vacation, knowing that the job will be done and done right upon their return.

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Houseboat Window Replacement

We have a dedicated following among the owners at a few moorages who call us for all their needs: water-heaters, decks, window replacement, bathroom and kitchen remodeling, roof replacement, siding replacement, handyman services, and dry-rot repair. Working on a houseboat presents a unique set of challenges. It is not for the uninitiated or for the faint of heart.

First, you cannot bring a level to work. A set of passing boats will have your work looking like an Escher drawing. Everything must be measured and remeasured to achieve square, level and plumb.​

Second, extra care with tools and materials is paramount. If you drop one of your tools (or a window), you will need your Scuba equipment to get it back.

Thirdly, set-up and break-down take more time than for the average project due to lugging tools up and down ramps.

That said, taking in the sound of the water lapping on the boats, working in the sun and receiving and lending a hand among these tight knit communities make it all worthwhile.

More Houseboat Renovations/Repairs

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