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Same Client, New Projects


Repeat clients let you know that you are doing things right. Our project list grows as we add air conditioning,  replace water main, window replacement, microhood install, bathroom remodel, cut doorway into bedroom, asbestos abatement,  install sliding patio door and back patio, plumbing and more.

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Tree House


This tree house was built using a combination of reclaimed cedar decking and railing from another demolished house. Triangle trusses support the outer corners and act as outriggers to maintain the structural diaphragm. Mylar acts as both a wind break and vapor barrier. One open side allows parents to check occupancy easily. The two level stair give the excitement of a ladder with a little added safety. Future plans, the kids are a little older, include a pulley and bucket and a fire pole exit (repurposed galvanized fence pole).

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