New Construction

New Construction can be a daunting task for even experienced contractors. From starter home to design/build consultations, we have the background, the assembled team and the expertise to keep your project moving smoothly.  We have a reputation among our subs (and our clients) of good communication, excellent scheduling and attention to detail.

Our record for building a quality 1500 square foot home from start to finish is 62 days.  No, we aren’t always that fast, but we are able to complete most projects within 90 days of starting.  Please check out our project gallery for recent projects and what our clients have to say.



There are some builders who will throw any price at you, some will guess low to keep the conversation going; some will have a more accurate quote knowing what caliber of construction is expected in a certain area and by asking a few more questions. Some contractors are more honest than others. Even the best-intentioned individual can not anticipate just how many semi-custom touches you will want to include when it's all said and done. At Capital Builders we like to begin with the end in mind. Let us know your budget and we can help you make the best decisions to make your new home a reality!

Skinny houses – Portland’s houses on a diet

Portland style shotgun homes or skinny houses add density to Portland and limit sprawl. While Portland may have traffic jams, Portland traffic is still far better than what is seen these days in L.A. These skinny homes are part of the reason that we see Portland maintaining its svelte figure. They live large on the inside with minimal care on the outside, ideal for a busy modern lifestyle. Once inside, home owners see no difference between their homes and other homes on the block because all room sizes are standard. There are other advantages, too! With smaller lots, the monthly payment is lower.


Do you know exactly what you want and you need a price?  We take orders well and can get it done in record time. The 2 bedroom with new kitchen and bathroom, took only 10 business days from start to finish.

Are you sick of what you have, need a change, but have no idea where to start? We design; we suggest. We bring it in on time and on budget. Here are some transformations and what our clients have to say.