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Your job is always less expensive if we have current jobs nearby!

This map of our latest projects gives you a visual of where we are currently working.

  • 2227 SW Troy St, Portland, OR – Repeat clients let you know that you are doing things right.
  • 32797 NW Bella Vista Dr. Scappoose OR – We replaced the siding, fixed dry rot and repainted the house.
  • 1943 13th St, West Linn – Consulting with the client to change zoning on two parcels contiguous to Les Schwab to increase density and allow for later partitioning.
  • 7932 SE Raymond St. – Demo older home after asbestos abatement, divide property.
  • 11834 SE Pine St. – Currently permitting.
  • 14998 NW Mill Road, Portland, OR – Dry rot repair, water leak repair, and new flooring install, (Houseboat insurance related).

Bathroom Remodel

This is our second master bathroom remodel so far this summer and our fourth for 2019. The average bathroom remodel costs between $8,000 and $15,000 depending on the scope. Our most expensive bathroom to date featured a floating walnut double vanity, heated floors, glass tile full-wall backsplash, a trench drain shower room surrounding a tub filled by a spout from the ceiling with teak accents.The owners in this home were contemplating moving a wall to create space for a HUGE mud-set shower next to a Japanese ofuro.  An ofuro (or furo) is a Japanese style tub that is more vertical than horizontal, usually (but not always) made of wood. They are definitely a treat for the bather, tending to retain heat for longer and allowing the bather to immerse up to chin level. The ofuro tub itself tends to be a bit more expensive but the cost of the most [...]

Slopes and Cross Slopes

Slope in one direction is relatively easy to address, but a lot with cross-slope presents additional challenges. There are some pretty sizable extra expenses that come from extra excavation, extra framing to fur walls inside tall foundation, walls which act to retain dirt on the outside, wider window and door trim material, extra retaining walls to create some flat outdoor living space. Our biggest cross-slope project was a 22' difference from right rear corner to left front corner. Most of this difference was dealt within the footprint/design of the house, but still required 12' retaining walls. This lot's cross-slope is not that severe at a mere 6'.

Repeat Clients: 2227 SW Troy St

Repeat clients let you know that you are doing things right.   Our project list grows with these clients: add air conditioning,  replace water main, window replacement, microhood install, bathroom remodel, cut doorway into bedroom, asbestos abatement,  install sliding patio door and back patio, clean up basement ceiling's electrical, plumbing and mechanical to finish later.

Scappoose, Custom Prairie Shell

This custom shell we designed Prairie-style to fit the owners' particular lot and needs. The lot was one of the more difficult lots in the area with slope and cross slope, but the owners had gotten a great deal to offset the cost of the design. We started construction in late October, alternating our work with the owners' work or sometimes working concurrently. We did foundation, framing, insulation, siding, windows, flatwork, drywall, decks, exterior doors, gutters and garage doors. The owners did their own excavation, plumbing, rain drains, damp proofing, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, deck handrails and interior finishes. Could this particular project have gone better? Undoubtedly! The owner was three days late in finishing his initial excavation. Unfortunately, that was the three day window foundation for the subcontractor...and he was booked out another 3 weeks out. This put us both behind and squarely into three weeks of snow followed by [...]