Kitchen Remodeling is one of the most stressful types of remodeling a family can live through.

It puts a strain on everyone from the parents to the kids to even the pets. Meal preparation and clean-up shift either to a temporary kitchen or force the family out of the house entirely for meals. Travel time to restaurants adds to a commute. Eating healthfully becomes more difficult or impossible.

To minimize the negative impact on you and your family, we believe in minimizing the time spent in your house. We work together with you to nail down all aspects of design, product selection and ordering. We finalize the contracts, the quantities needed and place the orders for the materials. What then? We wait. We wait for the cabinets to be built. We wait for them to and the other needed materials to be shipped. We receive your cabinets, sinks, faucets and lights to our warehouse and examine the boxes and contents for signs of damage.

The other thing that happens when we receive your cabinets is that we confirm with you the demolition date. That gives you a date certain that you need to remove everything from your old cabinets and pantry. Demolition involves sectioning off the kitchen from the rest of your home, creating construction access for our crew members, protecting you, your family and your things from the dust that comes from tearing your house. We put down protection on the floors if need be to keep them as we found them. We place your refrigerator so that you can still access it from your side of the plastic walls.

Once demolition is done, the plumber, electrician and hvac crews follow immediately followed by the inspectors to make sure that we have done our job right. Then comes drywall. Drywall repair takes the longest of all the steps needed surprisingly. The drywall crews must allow plenty of time for the drywall mud to dry. This step if during the summertime (warm outside, but with your air conditioning keeping things cooler inside) can take up to a week by itself due to drying time between coats. Wintertime moves a little more quickly, but still can take three or four days. This is followed by installation of cabinets. While your counters are produced, we continue putting the final touches on the cabinets