Auxiliary Dwelling Units/Mother-in-law Suites

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Capital Builders designs Auxiliary Dwelling Units as a second home (or apartment) located on the same tax lot as the main house​​. The benefits are many. Some owners use the extra dwelling for income. Others invite aging parents to live nearby while maintaining some autonomy and privacy. ​Some footloose and fancy-free owners live in the smaller dwelling, having their renters pay the bulk of the mortgage and take care of the yard while they are away.

We endeavor to maintain the single-family character, harmony and appearance of the lot and conform with the character of the neighborhood. Capital Builders has a lot of experience in this field with some of our more recent work listed below.

The Pomona Cafe & Pomona Rouge

The Pomona Cafe and the Pomona Rouge in SW Portland are  four bedrooms, three and a half baths and 2600 square feet overall. Below the main house of 1921 square feet is a one bedroom, one bath apartment of 650 square foot ADU (auxilliary dwelling unit) to help a younger buyer with the mortgage or as an aging in place strategy for an older client. Increased density is one of Portland’s goals and this type of building helps increased density and holding our urban growth boundary in check. The most desirable ADUs are single level buildings on flat or gently sloping lots.



The Hayhurst

The Hayhurst duplex in SW Portland was finished in 2010. It has a 1600 square foot single family on the left and a separate apartment with private entrance and garage on the right (an ADU).  The Main Living Quarters has three bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms with its own large privately fenced back yard.

The Accessory Dwelling Unit part of the building, (AUD) is on the right with its own private entrance, its own separate back yard, garage, laundry, bedroom, bath, kitchen, and living room.

The building site was a challenge not only physically with a slope and a required street improvement but also from a design perspective.  This lot was unique in having streets on three sides, triggering many conflicting city rules.  The result is a semi-custom plan that balanced curb appeal, city requirements and livability. Mission accomplished!