Design is personal and at the center of all home construction & renovation. Whether we are helping choose colors or how to best use space to make it more livable, potential clients often ask, “Do you do modern, traditional, upscale, budget-minded, bungalow, prairie, interior design, facades, commercial?”  “Can you give me more for less?”


Home Design Styles

Bungalow Design

Multnomah Villager IIThe Multnomah Villager II is an Old Portland Bungalow Style Home concept inspired by the Historic Neighborhood itself. Featuring well-designed living space both in and out, it allows the future homeowner to live large on a small carbon footprint.

Budget-Minded Design

Monetizing PropertyThis owner had an older rental property, sitting with many maintenance issues astride two small lots.  This owner decided to triple his income and halve his headaches associated with an older home.  We demolished the older home, divided the lots and built two new homes!  Each house has a variety of modern conveniences, including: energy efficiency and a garage.



There are some builders who will throw any price at you, some will guess low to keep the conversation going; some will have a more accurate quote knowing what caliber of construction is expected in a certain area and by asking a few more questions. Some contractors are more honest than others. Even the best-intentioned individual can not anticipate just how many semi-custom touches you will want to include when it's all said and done. At Capital Builders we like to begin with the end in mind. Let us know your budget and we can help you make the best decisions to make your new home a reality!

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The Multnomah Villager

Designed to "fit the neighborhood", we borrowed architectural cues from traditional bungalows to adorn a modern, space-efficient, 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath floor plan. Maximizing usable space, minimizing cost by adapting to site constraints is our forte. With a 40' deep garage (4-car garage), this space can also be a traditional 2 car garage with a large shop.

The Pomona Cafe & Pomona Rouge

The Pomona Cafe in SW Portland is four bedrooms, three and a half baths and 2600 square feet overall. Below the main house of 1921 square feet is a one bedroom, one bath apartment of 650 square foot ADU (auxilliary dwelling unit) to help a younger buyer with the mortgage or as an aging in place strategy for an older client.

The Hayhurst

The Hayhurst duplex in SW Portland was finished in 2010. It has a 1600 square foot single family on the left and a separate apartment with private entrance and garage on the right (an ADU). The Main Living Quarters has three bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms with its own large privately fenced back yard.

Upscale Design

The owners of this country home were tired of the pervasive Craftsman influence. They wanted something “unique” for their five-acre property. This home’s architecture has a French Provincial influence while having a highly livable modern floor plan. Regularly entertaining 20+ guests, the kitchen’s double island/double sink configuration allows multiple cooks and ample room for the guests and the hosts to interact. The outdoor kitchen/dining is conveniently located adjacent to the main kitchen and the main dining. The result reflects the owners’ desire to balance luxury with affordability, utility with low maintenance.

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SS Egret Interior Remodel

The owner of this home in Beaverton loved his neighborhood of 20 years, but his home was showing its age. He longed to build a contemporary home, but after many years of looking for a lot, he started to entertain ideas of remodeling. Jason Ball Interiors, LLC provided the initial design, color selection and acted as a sounding board for the owner's good taste.