Houseboat remodels have some unique requirements and Capital Builders is well versed in addressing these. We have established a dedicated following among the owners at a few moorages who call us for all their needs: water-heaters, decks, window replacement, bathroom and kitchen remodeling, roof replacement, siding replacement, handyman services, and dry-rot repair. We have even completely dismantled a houseboat by hand right down to the old-growth logs to dispose into a dropbox at the top of the moorage ramp.

Houseboat WalkwayIn addition to different requirements are different challenges including: working in close quarters, transporting materials long distances, gates, codes, and shuffling vehicles to keep the peace with neighbors.

A recent client called on us to redo a two-story deck that was abandoned by another contractor. Despite a few months of work, what was complete wasn’t looking so good. We were able to start right away and get the project back on track to our clients satisfaction.

A common mistake of some contractors is bringing a level to work on a houseboat. The primary tools are a string, a measuring tape and a square.  We have even been known to use sheets of plywood as very large squares when other tools fail us or have us a little confused. Everything must be measured and remeasured throughout the project.

Beyond the work itself, extra care with tools and materials is paramount. Most houseboat owners know that placing your tools flat, not perching them on the tops of ladders as you might on dry land is par for the course. Anything dropped will bounce once or twice before the splash.  The second common mistake is placing tools upright (longer distance to fall, bounce or slide) or close to an roof, deck or float edge. We take extra care here not only to keep our workers and clients safe, but to lower our overhead to keep our prices reasonable.

There is absolutely nothing better than the sound of the water lapping on the boats, working in the sun and the fresh air.