Miguel Villafane Ruiz

Miguel Villafane RuizOur lead carpenter, Miguel Villafane Ruiz, is originally from the rural town of San Pedro Tidaa Nochixtlan, Oaxaca, Mexico. He is the youngest of a family of ten kids and is now raising his own small family in the Hillsboro area. Growing up as part of a ranching family, he became accustomed to the demands of working long hours and a boss with high expectations as well as the expectation that one have a wide skill set..

Upon arriving in the U.S. at the age of 17, he started in the trades for a high quality framer and continued in that job for the next ten years. In his previous work, he was exposed to exacting standards, so coming to work for us was an easy transition. Since joining the Capital Builders team, he has since added quite a bit to his skill set and has even more attention to detail.

In construction, it is rare to find someone who has the whole package: someone who is loyal to the company, can work quickly, efficiently, with minimal supervision and with minimal errors yet still is thinking about how his work affects others or will be viewed later, all the while still thinking of the little things like taking his shoes off or putting on covers before entering a home and cleaning up after himself. There are some things that you can only learn from Mom! If you take a moment to get to know him, you will find that he really knows his stuff. You might even get a taste of his wicked sense of humor.

Miguel has contributed immensely to our projects dealing with siding, setting windows, excavation, paint-grade cabinetry, cedar and mahogany decks and handrails, prefinished wood flooring, painting, drywall, roofing, finish trim, setting doors, luxury vinyl plank, luxury vinyl tile, porcelain tile, concrete flatwork, fencing and rain drains. Here Miguel is pictured installing a baseboard on our 18th Ikea kitchen and his 3rd. Is there anything that this employee cannot do?

In January, Miguel celebrated two years with the company and we are looking forward to many more.