PineridgeWe were originally called to the Pineridge Project to quote a gas fireplace installation in the master bedroom.  In our first meeting the clients’ main complaint was that the room was large and impersonal. We refused to give them a quote for the fireplace that they were considering.   We knew right away that the gas fireplace would not give the desired results and the client would still be unhappy after spending quite a bit.

Among our recommendations was alternate placement of their fine furniture, adding a wood floor to separate sleeping and sitting areas, new window treatments, new lamps and shades, new bedding with shams, and bringing  art from other parts of the house to fill the bare walls. With list in hand and our client had the whole family pushing furniture around and hanging pictures until the wee hours that very night.

We did install a wood floor to match other flooring in her home which was only about a quarter of the cost of a new fireplace.  Our combined efforts you can see below (for less than half the cost of the new fireplace and most of it spent in her favorite stores). The client was so pleased over having saved so much that they are having us back to build them a deck later this year.

“My friends and coworkers think that I am crazy when I say, ‘I LOVE my contractor!'” – Shelley Frank