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View Capital Builders’ latest projects. New construction Remodels and more, Capital Builders can help breath new life into your living space with our experienced eye for design and construction.

Bathroom Remodel


The average bathroom remodel costs between $8,000 and $15,000 depending on the scope. Our most expensive bathroom to date featured a floating walnut double vanity, heated floors, glass tile full-wall backsplash, a trench drain shower room surrounding a tub filled by a spout from the ceiling with teak accents.

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Slopes and Cross Slopes


Slope in one direction is relatively easy to address, but a lot with cross-slope presents additional challenges. There are some pretty sizable extra expenses that come from extra excavation, extra framing to fur walls inside tall foundation, walls which act to retain dirt on the outside, wider window and door trim material, extra retaining walls to create some flat outdoor living space.

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Same Client, New Projects


Repeat clients let you know that you are doing things right. Our project list grows as we add air conditioning,  replace water main, window replacement, microhood install, bathroom remodel, cut doorway into bedroom, asbestos abatement,  install sliding patio door and back patio, plumbing and more.

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Scappoose, Custom Prairie Shell


This custom shell we designed Prairie-style to fit the owners’ particular lot and needs.

The lot was one of the more difficult lots in the area with slope and cross slope, but the owners had gotten a great deal to offset the cost of the design. We started construction in late October, alternating our work with the owners’ work or sometimes working concurrently. We did foundation, framing, insulation, siding, […]

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Raymond Street, Portland Home with Attached ADU


Capital Builders completed this house on Raymond Street in Portland in 2016. The house portion contains four bedrooms and two and a half baths with a separate apartment or attached ADU. The apartment is a studio apartment with it’s own bathroom, kitchen, closet and laundry. The apartment has utilities metered separately for easy management.

Raymond Street, Portland Home with Attached ADU2020-10-21T00:48:00+00:00

Bella Vista


After inspecting the siding, we could see where it had failed around the meter main, due to lack of flashing and there were issues elsewhere: under certain trim boards, and at their deck ledger board. Having already paid for some repairs last year we recommended not throwing good money after bad. They love the look of their house, so with a focus on longevity they decided to replace the smart panel product with with Hardipanel.

Bella Vista2023-06-30T19:10:52+00:00

Improper Flashing Leads to Dry Rot


After repairing storm damage on a clients roof, the owner asked us to look into the cause of some dry rot. When dry rot occurs, the fungi break down cellulose and hemicellulose, the components which give the wood strength and resilience. We found that almost all the roof penetrations were improperly flashed by the original roof installer which led to dry rot in multiple layers of the roof structure.

Improper Flashing Leads to Dry Rot2023-03-02T22:00:52+00:00

6207 and 6209 SW 21st Ave.


Sometimes, from a financial standpoint, it doesn't make sense to remodel. The previous house was small, old, and located at the rear of the lot. Rather than throw good money after bad, the owner decided to start from scratch. We guided the owner through the land division, street improvement and new construction permitting processes.

6207 and 6209 SW 21st Ave.2017-09-03T22:17:47+00:00
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