Dry Rot

We originally met this client from working on a new construction project next door.  One of our trees fell across his house during a storm.  Rather than argue about whose fault it was, we went over the same day to tarp over a hole made in the roof.  We went over the next day to remove the tree, cut up the wood and cart away the branches.  We then repaired the damage to his roof at no charge.  Don’t you wish we were your neighbor?!

I have found that doing the right thing often gets rewarded.  After repairing storm damage to his roof, the owner asked us to look into the cause of a small area of dry rot.  Demo, carpentry, insulation, roofing?  Yes, we can.

Water is the enemy of any structure.  Nine times out of ten, water intrusion problems can be traced back to lack of adequate gutter cleaning.  Most settling, cracking, dry rot, heaving driveways, etc. can be traced back to gutters.

In this particular case, almost all of the roof penetrations were improperly flashed by the original roofer. A normal roof would have let the owner know immediately that it was having a problem.  This roof, however, was made up of multiple layers of asphalt shingles, asphalt paper, oriented strand board, plywood, rigid foam insulation, and finally tongue and groove decking.  The owner only became aware of the problem after many years.  The damage spread over two thirds of the total roof area.


The work of a general contractor over time speaks for itself.  This owner was so pleased with our work, he was considering paying us to travel to San Diego to work on his home there!