Dry Rot Repair

Dry Rot and Termite Damage – 5 Stars!


David and his crew stepped into a nightmare when we discovered dry rot and termite damage to the back of our house of a scope we could not have foreseen.  It was definitely nerve racking to face not only the initial damage we found out about, but how extensive it became. David was sensitive to how he communicated bad news to us as he kept us informed. 

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Dry Rot Repair: Roof & Gutters


Maintaining your roof & gutters is your best defense against dry rot repairs. Reputable contractors will only do dry-rot repairs on a “time and materials” basis unless it is absolutely clear on what is being fixed and what is not. A a home owner, you might be nervous about signing a blank check when it comes to repairs, but that is where the reputation of your contractor is paramount.

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Improper Flashing Leads to Dry Rot


After repairing storm damage on a clients roof, the owner asked us to look into the cause of some dry rot. When dry rot occurs, the fungi break down cellulose and hemicellulose, the components which give the wood strength and resilience. We found that almost all the roof penetrations were improperly flashed by the original roof installer which led to dry rot in multiple layers of the roof structure.

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