What is considered a renovation versus a remodel?

Typically remodeling involves a physical change to the structure of a building or home, reconfiguring a floor plan would be classified as remodeling. A renovation is improving or restoring something that is damaged or outdated. A renovation could simply be reviving or transforming the appearance, new paint or flooring, changing the lighting fixtures or other finishing to achieve a fresh new look. Capital Builders can help breath new life into your living space with our experienced eye for design. Contact us fro a consultation today!


Bella Vista

After inspecting the siding, we could see where it had failed around the meter main, due to lack of flashing and there were issues elsewhere: under certain trim boards, and at their deck ledger board. Having already paid for some repairs last year we recommended not throwing good money after bad. They love the look of their house, so with a focus on longevity they decided to replace the smart panel product with with Hardipanel.

Houseboat Bathroom Renovation

​Our biggest challenge when working on any home is to have our new work seamlessly fit with the rest of the home. To this end on this project, we reused the cabinetry and trim to achieve the owner's goals: reconfigure a continental bath and closet for more effective use of space, replace sinks, counters, tub and flooring to freshen the bathroom, add two high windows to brighten while maintaining privacy....without it feeling out of place with the rest of her home.​

The Baird

This gardener's paradise is located in the charming Multnomah Village Neighborhood in southwest Portland. For this client, we removed the oil contaminated dirt and 675 gallon oil tank from the crawlspace under their house. (Think of this as removing a buried Subaru Outback from under the house.) Additionally, a new paint job brought this home back to life and allowed it harmoniously blend with the rest of the neighborhood.

The Pomona Triplex

This recently remodeled Triplex wasn't always in such outstanding shape! Suffering from decades of neglect, it needed new roof, new siding, upgrades to wiring and plumbing, replacement of exterior stairs, new walkways, paving the driveway, replacement of retaining walls and simple cosmetic upgrades. The ROI (Return On Investment) of increased rents divided by the improvement costs pays the owners a handsome 16% annual return. Smart owners!

6621 Southeast 91st Ave, Portland

New windows, new roof, new kitchen, new bathroom, new supply and waste plumbing, new sewer lateral, new water main, new fence, new doors and knobs, refinished wood floors, pest and dry rot repair, pressure washing, new interior and exterior paint. The renovation was extensive, but worth the wait!

9th Ave. Rental

This rental property was in need of revitalization to attract a better clientele/higher rents. Upstairs we updated the flooring to include laminate and installed tile granite counters. Downstairs the two-bedroom one bath was completely renovated including a new bathroom and new kitchen (flooring, trim, cabinets, counters, doors and lighting). Vacancy would have added to the cost, so all work was finished in ten business days. Rents are up, vacancy is down!

Caldera Court Renovation

The owners of this home on Caldera Ct. ​have been friends for many years. ​Having four kids and not having done any major work since moving in 20 years before, the house ​definitely was ​showing its age.​ ​What originally started as us looking at ​a flooded laundry room​ became a full cosmetic remodel​. ​ Our plan was to have the family out and back in within 60 days​. Our friends and ​the​ir​ neighbors ​started a pool​. Most were betting that it would take six months or more​; some were betting up to a year​.​ New siding, new roofing, new garage doors, new floor coverings, ​​new fireplace, new slab counters, new paint inside and out, new appliances,…down to the blinds.

Pineridge Project

We were originally called to the Pineridge Project to quote a gas fireplace installation in the master bedroom. In our first meeting the clients' main complaint was that the room was large and impersonal. We refused to give them a quote for the fireplace that they were considering. We knew right away that the gas fireplace would not give the desired results and the client would still be unhappy after spending quite a bit.

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