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6207 and 6209 SW 21st Ave.


Sometimes, from a financial standpoint, it doesn't make sense to remodel. The previous house was small, old, and located at the rear of the lot. Rather than throw good money after bad, the owner decided to start from scratch. We guided the owner through the land division, street improvement and new construction permitting processes.

6207 and 6209 SW 21st Ave.2017-09-03T22:17:47+00:00

The Maplewood


Old world style meets modern convenience. The MaplewoodThe Maplewood has a Bungalow influence with all of the elegance and convenience of a modern home. With an open kitchen overlooking the great room, that's ideal for entertaining, this unobstructed floor plan lives larger than its square footage.

The Maplewood2017-09-03T22:17:47+00:00

The North East


Having an older rental sitting with many maintenance issues astride two small lots, this owner decided to triple his income and halve his headaches associated with an older home. We demolished the older home, divided the lots and built two new homes! Each house has all the modern conveniences, energy efficiency and a garage, all of which had been lacking previously.

The North East2017-09-03T22:17:47+00:00

NE 101st Ave


2013 New Construction, plan #1239, starter home with urban flair, three bedroom, two and one half bath, Ikea kitchen with farm sink and bathrooms with raised vessel sink

NE 101st Ave2017-09-03T22:17:48+00:00

Multnomah Villager II


The Multnomah Villager II is an Old Portland Bungalow Style Home concept inspired by the Historic Neighborhood itself. Featuring well-designed living space both in and out, it allows the future homeowner to live large on a small carbon footprint. The lot and design were such a hit that another major custom home builder (who must have been fresh out of ideas) purchased the lot from us.

Multnomah Villager II2017-09-03T22:17:48+00:00

Poster Residence


Sitting on a perfect two acre parcel surrounded by an additional 80 acres of forest, the Poster residence started out as a speculative project. Bob and Anne fell in love with the land (just like we did) and made us an offer during the framing stage. As part of their offer they were wanting some alterations to better fit the needs of their family and lifestyle. What started out as our project, became their project. The result was adding a family room within the garage space and creating a detached garage nearby in addition to the regularly planned construction.

Poster Residence2017-09-03T22:17:48+00:00

Caldera Court Renovation


The owners of this home on Caldera Ct. ​have been friends for many years. ​Having four kids and not having done any major work since moving in 20 years before, the house ​definitely was ​showing its age.​ ​What originally started as us looking at ​a flooded laundry room​ became a full cosmetic remodel​. ​ Our plan was to have the family out and back in within 60 days​. Our friends and ​the​ir​ neighbors ​started a pool​. Most were betting that it would take six months or more​; some were betting up to a year​.​ New siding, new roofing, new garage doors, new floor coverings, ​​new fireplace, new slab counters, new paint inside and out, new appliances,…down to the blinds.

Caldera Court Renovation2017-09-03T22:17:48+00:00

Commercial Tenant Improvement


Scappoose Chiropractic Clinic Reception, we start with a concept drawing. A drawing gives you as the client and we as the contractor a starting point for a conversation. Make it less expensive? Make it grander? Make it another color? Anything is possible!

Commercial Tenant Improvement2017-09-03T22:17:48+00:00
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