New Construction on Acreage

Poster ResidenceSitting on a perfect two acre parcel surrounded by an additional 80 acres of forest, the Poster residence started out as a speculative project. Bob and Anne fell in love with the land (just like we did) and made us an offer during the framing stage. As part of their offer they were wanting some alterations to better fit the needs of their family and lifestyle. What started out as our project, became their project. The result was adding a family room within the garage space and creating a detached garage nearby in addition to the regularly planned construction. We took it in stride and they moved in right on time.

When, five years later they wanted to add a laundry room, a back porch and a back stoop, they contacted us to help us with the concept, but they wanted to act as their own general contractor. We consulted with them and gave them some pointers on how to make it a seamless addition having the look and feel of the original structure.

We value our clients and they value us. Nearly ten years later, the Posters are still happy with their home…and with us!

David built a house for me in 2002. He was an excellent person to work with. Very detail oriented. I highly recommend him.”
– Robert Poster – October 2010
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity