Construction can be a daunting task for even experienced contractors. From starter home to design/build consultations, we have the background, the assembled team and the expertise to keep your project moving smoothly.

Scappoose, Custom Prairie Shell


This custom shell we designed Prairie-style to fit the owners’ particular lot and needs.

The lot was one of the more difficult lots in the area with slope and cross slope, but the owners had gotten a great deal to offset the cost of the design. We started construction in late October, alternating our work with the owners’ work or sometimes working concurrently. We did foundation, framing, insulation, siding, […]

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Houseboat Repairs – Bathrooms and More


My first experience with houseboats was 25 years ago when my parents bought a framed shell of a house with windows and a metal roof on a concrete float.  Since helping them with their build-out, we have done numerous houseboat renovations and repairs from window replacement to standing seam roof installation to renovations of kitchens and bathroom to swim float resurfacing.  Last year, we even demolished a houseboat […]

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Raymond Street, Portland Home with Attached ADU


Capital Builders completed this house on Raymond Street in Portland in 2016. The house portion contains four bedrooms and two and a half baths with a separate apartment or attached ADU. The apartment is a studio apartment with it’s own bathroom, kitchen, closet and laundry. The apartment has utilities metered separately for easy management.

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Bella Vista


After inspecting the siding, we could see where it had failed around the meter main, due to lack of flashing and there were issues elsewhere: under certain trim boards, and at their deck ledger board. Having already paid for some repairs last year we recommended not throwing good money after bad. They love the look of their house, so with a focus on longevity they decided to replace the smart panel product with with Hardipanel.

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Storm Damage


​Damage and consequential damage from storms is no small thing. We do yard clean-ups, gutter replacement, roof repair, downed tree removal, and also do French drain installation and replacement all with your pocketbook in mind.  One client asked us over to price a French drain to intercept water from the neighbor’s yard.  After looking over the situation, we saved him over $3000 by making other recommendations.  His final […]

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Houseboat Demolition


Knowing how buildings are put together can expedite the demolition process. We dismantled this 700 square foot houseboat and transported it to the moorage parking lot.​ hand. The entire process took four days including leaving the dock, ramp and parking lot cleaner than when we arrived. We were so quick, polite and responsive that a special meeting called by concerned owners was canceled.[/fusion_text] […]

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Tree House


This tree house was built using a combination of reclaimed cedar decking and railing from another demolished house. Triangle trusses support the outer corners and act as outriggers to maintain the structural diaphragm. Mylar acts as both a wind break and vapor barrier. One open side allows parents to check occupancy easily. The two level stair give the excitement of a ladder with a little added safety. Future plans, the kids are a little older, include a pulley and bucket and a fire pole exit (repurposed galvanized fence pole).

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Houseboat Bathroom Renovation


​Our biggest challenge when working on any home is to have our new work seamlessly fit with the rest of the home. To this end on this project, we reused the cabinetry and trim to achieve the owner's goals: reconfigure a continental bath and closet for more effective use of space, replace sinks, counters, tub and flooring to freshen the bathroom, add two high windows to brighten while maintaining privacy....without it feeling out of place with the rest of her home.​

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2227 SW Troy St.


Our relationship with this owner started when they moved to town and became our tenants. After having been treated right as tenants, we were their first call when they were looking at buying and again when ready to remodel and expand. We have replaced five windows and added an air conditioner. We are now replacing another two windows, fixing a sticky front door and creating a new dining room out of a first floor bedroom.

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