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Caldera Court Renovation


The owners of this home on Caldera Ct. ​have been friends for many years. ​Having four kids and not having done any major work since moving in 20 years before, the house ​definitely was ​showing its age.​ ​What originally started as us looking at ​a flooded laundry room​ became a full cosmetic remodel​. ​ Our plan was to have the family out and back in within 60 days​. Our friends and ​the​ir​ neighbors ​started a pool​. Most were betting that it would take six months or more​; some were betting up to a year​.​ New siding, new roofing, new garage doors, new floor coverings, ​​new fireplace, new slab counters, new paint inside and out, new appliances,…down to the blinds.

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  • Caldera Court Renovation

Full Remodel


“I’ve known David as a friend for years and have always admired his work. It is well done and of high quality. When the time came to hire a general contractor for our full-house remodel, we interviewed a lot of contractors, but, based on the quality of work we saw, his integrity, and personable nature, David was our hands-down choice. Since working with David as a client, I’ve […]

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