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Is your project outside the box? We excel at innovative design solutions.

Do you have a great idea but are finding that no one can see (or wants to see) your vision?

At Capital Builders, we are “cutting-edge, grounded in common sense”.  We have successfully completed many “first’s” in Portland: the first three/four unit condominium complex, the first narrow-lot duplex on a 25′ wide lot . . . to name a few.  Many contractors specialize in one thing and they do it again and again.  Whether an ADU, an artist space, outdoor living space or a chicken coop, we get things done!

Mobile Chicken Coop


Trailer mounted, detachable nests and feeding bins.

This chicken coop has housed up to 50 chickens. An expanded metal (wire mesh) floor allows the droppings to fall through to the ground. Being mounted on a trailer chassis allows the coop to be moved when the droppings accumulate.

Small Living


Portland, Oregon
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Three larger contiguous plex lots allowed for larger units which we developed into small condo units. It has the look and feel of having its own city street without the time and expense involved.

Detached Condo


8009 SE Morrison St Portland, Oregon
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This lot was in a nice neighborhood and situated between two nicer homes. A small condo complex of three units instead of a more traditional three plex helps the neighborhood through “pride of ownership.”