Core Principles of Architecture

The core principles of architecture have remained intact for thousands of years and are inseparable elements in our architectural endeavors:

BEAUTY: The work should delight and raise spirits.
DURABILITY: The work should be robust.
UTILITY: The work should be useful and function well for the people using it.

Remodel - Before

The house pictured above is no doubt a handsome house but it violates some basic rules of architecture. The owner wanted to replace the garage door with an expensive wood one. It would have been money lost! There were other, deeper issues: the large unbroken plane above garage door, carriage lights installed incorrectly, lack of other architectural interest, etc.

Remodel - After

Above is the same house without any major structural changes.  The expensive stone and front doors on the left side of the house remain unchanged.  Minor siding changes, lowering the carriage lights, adding shutters, together with a previously scheduled paint job create the architectural appeal lacking from when the house was new.


The Multnomah Villager

Designed to "fit the neighborhood", we borrowed architectural cues from traditional bungalows to adorn a modern, space-efficient, 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath floor plan. Maximizing usable space, minimizing cost by adapting to site constraints is our forte. With a 40' deep garage (4-car garage), this space can also be a traditional 2 car garage with a large shop.

The Pomona Cafe & Pomona Rouge

The Pomona Cafe in SW Portland is four bedrooms, three and a half baths and 2600 square feet overall. Below the main house of 1921 square feet is a one bedroom, one bath apartment of 650 square foot ADU (auxilliary dwelling unit) to help a younger buyer with the mortgage or as an aging in place strategy for an older client.

The Hayhurst

The Hayhurst duplex in SW Portland was finished in 2010. It has a 1600 square foot single family on the left and a separate apartment with private entrance and garage on the right (an ADU). The Main Living Quarters has three bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms with its own large privately fenced back yard.

Commercial Tenant Improvement

Scappoose Chiropractic Clinic Reception, we start with a concept drawing. A drawing gives you as the client and we as the contractor a starting point for a conversation. Make it less expensive? Make it grander? Make it another color? Anything is possible!